Biometrics will identify 22 million voters at 2014 elections


Next year, biometric registration will be concluded at four states and 844 municipalities of other Federation units.

André Richter, Agencia Brasil, October 7, 2013

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE in Spanish) estimates that 22 million voters will be identified by means of biometry in the ballot boxes in the first round of elections that will take place in about one year – October 5, 2014. This coming year, biometric registration will be concluded in four states and 844 municipalities of other Federation units. To be able to vote, voters of the cities where the biometric registration will be held will have to go to a digital collection center within the period established for that purpose. Those who do not identify themselves at these centers within the given time will appear as cancelled voters.

In 2013, the Electoral Tribunal is currently in the third phase of the voters’ registration. Their goal is to register 13 million voters in 491 municipalities. Biometrics was introduced by the Electoral Tribunal after a process of more than 20 years of manual voting, with canvas ballot boxes and paper IDs to vote. According to the Secretary of IT of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Giuseppe Janino, the main goals are to make the voting process more dynamic and to avoid fraud when counting votes.

“By means of technology, we broke the paradigm and we have transformed the electoral process, reducing human intervention in the process. As we diminish human intervention in the process, by means of technology, we achieve speed, accuracy, and mostly the possibility of introducing security and transparency mechanisms”, Janino told Agencia Brasil.

According to the Secretary, biometry grants the voters that there will be no fraud on their identification, besides giving a secondary role to the paper ID. “Biometry eliminates the possibility of a person taking the identity of another person. It takes the responsibility away from the member of the table and it implements accurate electoral registration technology mechanisms” Janino said.

By 2014, the Superior Electoral Tribunal estimates that 22 million out of the 140 million of Brazilian voters will be registered through biometrics. Voters in four states (Sergipe, Alagz oas, Amapá and the Federal District) and 844 municipalities will vote through biometry exclusively. The number accounts for all registration stages since 2008.

In 2008, the identification of voters through biometry was implemented in 3 cities. By then, forty thousand voters in the municipalities of Colorado do Oeste (RO), Fátima do Sul (MS) and São João Batista (SC) were identified by this new process firstly. In the 2010 president elections, more than one million voters in 60 cities and 23 states were identified biometrically. In the 2012 municipal elections, there were 7.7 million voters in 299 municipalities.

Voters who need to know if they need to register again this year must search for the electoral registry of their city or check it on the TSE website. Search will be made by state.

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